Hangover Helper Oral Tincture


Whether you’ve had too much to drink, or you would like some assistance with over indulgence, help is here.  Our Hangover Helper formula is created to help you effortlessly shift and recover from these patterns of excess that no longer assist you.

Also available as a topical solution.

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In our view, overindulgence is typically an issue stemming from deep emotional and energetic roots.  To assist with these issues, we have created the perfect synergistic blend of our original base formula with specific plant and other energetic frequencies.  We feel  certain that you will thank us.

Dosage:  This formula can be taken on a daily, or as needed basis.  For daily maintenance, we recommend 3 drops first thing in the morning and throughout the day if needed.  An additional 1/2 dropper can be taken before bedtime to assist with sleep.  Two hours in advance of alcohol consumption and the morning after excessive drinking is also recommended.

Please allow 2 hours away from all medications and alcohol.

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2 ml. Sample Size, .5oz, 1oz.


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