Duo Pak 1000mg CBD/CBG Oil 10ml


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1000mg of CBD and CBG oil from organically grown hemp infused into organic MCT coconut oil.  Click here for more details on what makes our hemp extraordinary: https://lifecodes.biz/our-code/

Our 10ML Combo is a great way to try both of these hemp products and see what works best for you.

We typically recommend CBD as a more relaxing, night time aid for sleep and CBG as a more energizing, daytime assistance for brain fog, dark moods, fear, anxiety, etc. However, everyone is different and many people like to rotate the 2 oils as well as create their own hybrids by mixing them together in proportions they find most suitable.

Doing either, or both of the above may accomplish varied and more personally profound results.

Dosing recommendations: 3 drops in the morning, or anytime during the day for relief of pain, anxiety, etc.; 25-30 drops at night before bedtime to assist with sleep.

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