CBG Oil 1000mg 10ML


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1000mg of CBG oil from organically grown hemp infused into organic MCT coconut oil.  Click here for more details on our extraordinary hemp: https://lifecodes.biz/our-code/
Interesting Emerging Info:
* CBG interacts directly with the neurotransmitters resulting in more rapid pain relief, mental alertness, heightened focus, etc.
* CBD interacts more indirectly and has a more calming, sedative effect.
* Research indicates CBG as being effective for treating glaucoma, inflammation (including IBS), and inhibiting tumor growth.
* CBG and CBD pair well together, and neither are known to elicit negative side effects.

Dosage:  Take 3 drops first thing in the morning and throughout the day as needed for pain, anxiety, etc.  An additional 25-30 drops can be taken at night before bedtime for help with sleep.

*Some people find CBG too energizing to take before bedtime and find CBD to be more compatible for sleep.  We recommend that you experiment to see which product and dosage suits you best.



2 ml. Sample Size, .5 oz., 1 oz.

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