Patience …

Patience may be a virtue, but it’s not something I’ve ever valued.  Well past my prime, and I still can’t figure out why everything takes so long.  But it does.  What I’ve learned is that one can either align with this time taking thing and glean from it, or else freak out.

The latter, I know much about.  This no thought, well-performed function has won me many a battle for well over a half life.  Or so it seemed. 

Several months into taking The Code CBD oil, I unwittingly started operating from a different neural pathway.  How do I know this? Well, I’ve been living inside my head for like I said, over a half life. One could argue semantics, but the true focal point is the actual experience. In my case this has been the effortless change in my thoughts, actions and most remarkably, my ability to stay out of fear.

And my personal favorite – not freaking out over how long everything is taking.

I’m finally able to recognize every pit stop, faux pas and otherwise infuriating situation as something I need to heal about myself.  As something that is happening for me and not to annoy, or illogically restrain me.

These ideas are not the genius of my own making.  As a matter of fact, when hearing such rhetoric in the past, I typically wanted to barf.  I don’t think my current and somewhat sudden ability to embrace this ideology is something that came with time or age, but rather attribute it to healing the war wounds in my brain which I consider a direct result of taking The Code CBD and CBG oils.

And these are only a few of the reasons I never want to be without Life Codes hemp products.


The Code

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