Oy. Insomnia…

One of my first jobs in NYC was working in commercial and TV production.  The hours were brutal and for most, sleep was scarce.  I, however, had the uncanny ability to hit the pillow and tell myself what time to wake up. It worked like a charm, and I remained blissfully ignorant to the reality of all this insomnia chatter that dominated most conversations on set.

Then came my next chapter:  The Corporation.  Suddenly, my life became an endless loop of the same routine 5 days a week.  In a row.  I felt at once controlled and out of control and something in my psyche broke.  I quickly learned the reality of all this insomnia chatter.

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The corporate job finally ended after 2 years.  The insomnia, however,  persisted for the next 2 decades.  During this time, I found herbal and/or homeopathic cocktails that temporarily quelled the sleepless nights, but they always returned.

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Then I discovered The Code CBD oil. 

The heavenly passageway that instantly took and has consistently kept me out of the depths and despair of this demonic, soul seizing plague.  As in, good thing I have a great alarm system because someone could easily break in, rearrange my furniture and throw me on a train.  To Spain.  During which, I’m sure I would sleep soundly until my arrival.

A committed healthaholic for over 3 decades, I may not be the best testimonial for this miraculous remedy. My friend, who pays no never mind to what he eats, or drinks, suffers from extreme sleep apnea including sleeping with weird electronic equipment does, however, make a compelling case.  After taking only a half dropperful of The Code CBD oil 500mg, he called me the next morning.

“Give me everything you’ve got!”, he exclaimed.

He had slept through the night for the first time in years.  Three years later, he’s still experiencing restful sleep, and has had far fewer health issues than in previous years. 

Me too.  Which is why I love The Code CBD oil, and love that I am able to share what I know to be the best friend an insomniac could ever hope for.

The Code

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