Our Code

Of the numerous market options, why choose The Code?

TRUTH…Not trend.

Our synergistic hemp products are created with uncompromising integrity in every step of our process.

Our plants are grown biodynamically, outdoors in natural sunlight. Unlike, ‘organically grown’, biodynamic is not merely a term that loses more and more value each year.  Here is a great site to learn more about biodynamic farming principles: https://www.biodynamics.com/biodynamic-principles-and-practices


We are committed to aligning with the laws of nature rather than trying to force our agenda upon It. Doing so would contradict the alchemy of our extraction method – an ancient process that has withstood the test of time spanning 1000’s of years, resulting in 2/3 more of the plants’ healing capacity than any other extraction method available.

Also unique to this method, the plant’s entire value is restored including the color, smell, taste, vital minerals and other plant constituents including the spirit of the plant.

Once the extraction process is complete, our oil is infused with sound and other frequencies unique to healing. All of these facets work in tandem resulting in the highest vibration, most bio-compatible hemp extract available.


We embrace the naturally occurring scent and flavor of the hemp plant as essential components of the overall healing experience.

In addressing the profound connection between the nose and the brain, we know that the scent of the hemp plant sends specific messages (codes) to the brain creating neurological responses (neurotransmitter activity) that result exponentially in more powerful healing.

This principle is most widely recognized with essential oils. The scent of the oil can create a calming, or an energizing effect depending on the encoded message sent from the specific plant to the brain.

We are opposed to adding flavors regardless of their origin, because they disrupt these responses and therefore, the comprehensive healing capability of the plant.

To clarify, we appreciate that nature is put together very specifically and that the dissection of and addition to needs to be done with great understanding and respect.


The body naturally deteriorates over time and in layers. We believe the hemp intelligence codes are unmatched in their ability to recognize and orchestrate the best healing trajectory of each individual.

Using arthritis as an example, is this the result of poor nutrition, persistent thought patterns, over or under usage of certain musculature, or all of the above? Consciously knowing might not ever be a reality. However, the body does possess an unconscious awareness and ability to perform its natural functions.

In a deteriorated state, the body can need assistance, and with the right catalyst, this unconscious healing can begin and continue throughout the many layers bringing the individual back to a profound state of wellness. We are confident that The Code hemp extract products are the best catalyst available for this process.


As previously mentioned, we imbue our products with sound and other healing frequencies to enhance their vibration. Although invisible to the human eye, these frequencies manifest in countless ways – the disharmonious effects of music played at 440 Hz vs the harmonizing effect of music played at 432 Hz;

Dr. Masuro Emoto’s years of experimentation and proof of positive and negative words and their effect on water crystals;

The shape of a water crystal after “I love you” was spoken into the water.

The Rife machine is another useful tool to further support and prove the healing capacities of these frequencies. The frequencies unique to our product line are unmatched by anything currently known to human kind. The undeniably positive effects of these frequencies on physical matter speaks to our reasoning for enhancing our products energetically.