Our Code Old

Truth. Not trend…

Our hemp products are created with uncompromising integrity in every step of our process

What Makes Us Different…

Rather than strip away vital minerals and other plant constituents, our extraction method restores the plants’ entire value including the color, smell, taste, and even the spirit of the plants. This unique process results in 2/3 more of the plants’ healing capacity than any other extraction method.

The deep, rich color of our oil speaks to the chloropyll and other vital nutrients left intact.


In addressing the profound connection between the nose and the brain, we keep hemp’s natural scent in tact. We recognize the scent as a vital part of the plants’ healing capacity and do not try to eradicate, or mask it.


We are opposed to adding flavors to our products regardless of their origin, because we feel they disrupt the intentional taste of hemp and diminish its comprehensive healing capabilities.

To clarify, we appreciate that nature is put together very specifically and that the dissection of and addition to needs to be done with great understanding and respect.


We imbue our products with sound and other healing frequencies to enhance their vibration. Although invisible to the human eye, these frequencies manifest in countless ways.

Dr. Masuro Emoto’s realization of the impact of words on water crystals is remarkable proof of the effect of sound frequencies.

Hemp Wisdom

Falling out of alignment is common in our stressful world. We believe that the hemp intelligence codes are superior in their ability to recognize and orchestrate the best healing path back into an aligned state physically, mentally and emotionally.

Integrity is our Code and Our Promise to You.

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