The Neural Pathway Less Traveled…

Can stuck energy co-exist with our highest octaves of expression?

Earlier today, I fell into a texting match with a friend who refused to budge on her memory of an earlier event.  My recollection was entirely different, and I unconsciously slipped into my ‘safe space’ of self-righteousness.

Before heading out for my walk, I decided to put a few drops of The Code CBD oil in my bullet proof coffee. I’d heard this to be a powerful combination, but to me it sounded contradictory.  Coffee – stimulating, CBD oil – relaxing.

Cloud 9 never felt so good. I felt at once energized and relaxed, happy and optimistic. 

When I was almost at my destination, I realized that my friend was right about that issue she kept repeating and I kept refuting.  It was as though a veil had dropped in my mind, and I was able to remember the circumstance as it actually occurred, not as I had felt the need to remember it.

Acknowledging this truth felt enlightening, and letting go of my need to be correct was effortless. Like a neural pathway less traveled in my brain had opened up and allowed me access.

Life Codes Hemp Products – Letting go made easy.

The Code

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