CBD, CBG…What’s the Difference?

You say CBD, I say CBG. And vice versa. Both are cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and both are profoundly effective for pain, anxiety, focus and insomnia. So, what is the difference?

The shortest explanation of what distinguishes them is that CBG interacts directly with the neurotransmitters and CBD interacts indirectly.

What that means for you is something you get to discover by trying them. We love them both and find that rotating them as well as creating personal hybrids (mixing different, or equal amounts of the oils to be taken simultaneously), is a great way to master your own medicine. It’s a safe, wonderful way to really tune in and see if CBD, CBG, or a combo of the 2 makes you feel more amorous, confident, creative, energetic, sleepy, etc.

For the most part, we find CBD a favorite for sleep and for mild pain and anxiety. We find CBG to be energizing, good for shifting heavy moods and more intense pain. Our favorite is a 50/50 hybrid of both.

Our CBD/CBG duo pak makes your personal exploration easy and affordable.

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