About Us

My journey into alternative health solutions began over 30 years ago with the desperate need to get to the other side of an Epstein Barr diagnosis.  The medical model for the cure at the time was penicillin shots.  Lots of them.  Having survived that, I have dedicated my life and lifestyle to the research and application of living a life as wholly as possible.  This includes learning from the most studied herbalists, naturopaths and advanced bio-tech experts of our time.

That said, I don’t regurgitate information learned from corporate entities to sell product.  My decision to engage in the hemp/CBD oil industry and the development of The Code CBD oil is the culmination of my passion for living healthfully and my need to feel as fantastic as possible.  This dedication, research and application are a continuum and I am grateful for the opportunity to share this knowledge through my blogs, newsletters and products.

At The Code CBD Oil our highest priority is our integrity. We believe that when we cut corners where nature is concerned, we are challenging eons of wisdom and hoping for the best. Yet when we respect nature and follow its guidelines, we get the best.