CBD Oil…Technological Rescue.

There are lots of things I don’t like and/or find distasteful.  However, nothing compares to my disdain for our current technology.  What I need – to get from NY to LA in under an hour.  What I get – a journey further and further into multiple virtual worlds that although I have little interest, their machinations have somehow become necessities.

One of the many things I love about The Code cannabinoid rich CBD oil is how it keeps me from throwing my computer and other black screens out the window;  How I may feel a twinge of frustration, but the need to yell, or otherwise react is absent. 

How is your coding working for you?

Happy Man Day

Last year,  I sent The Code CBD oil to a health conscious friend of mine. He had never been a fan of taking supplements, but decided he would try it.  The next morning, he called me.

“I feel 20 years younger!”, he exclaimed. “Thirty below the waist!”.

I’ve since heard similar stories, but ’nuff said. You get the point. 


For that special man in your life.

And may you both have happy awakenings from this day forward.

The Neural Pathway Less Traveled…

Can stuck energy co-exist with our highest octaves of expression?


Always a good thing, not always so easy to do. 

Earlier today, I fell into a texting match with a friend who refused to budge on her memory of an earlier event.  My recollection was entirely different, and I unconsciously slipped into my ‘safe space’ of self-righteousness.

Before heading out for my walk, I decided to put a few drops of The Code CBD oil in my bullet proof coffee. I’d heard this to be a powerful combination, but to me it sounded contradictory.  Coffee – stimulating, CBD oil – relaxing.

Cloud 9 never felt so good. I felt at once energized and relaxed, happy and optimistic. 

When I was almost at my destination, I realized that my friend was right about that issue she kept repeating and I kept refuting.  It was as though a veil had dropped in my mind, and I was able to remember the circumstance as it actually occurred, not as I had felt the need to remember it.

Acknowledging this truth felt enlightening, and letting go of my need to be correct was effortless. Like a neural pathway less traveled in my brain had opened up and allowed me access.

The Code CBD oil.  Letting go made easy.