Silver Bullets

Unfortunately, silver bullets don’t exist where health is concerned. 

Steve Malone Photography

Which is to say that more than likely, there’s not just one thing to take, or do that will comprehensively change your health picture.  Even cannabinoid rich hemp oil is unable to make this claim.  However, we do consider The Code CBD oil to be the best ricochet bullet to enter the alternative health world in a very long time.  


We leave the codes inherent to the cannabis plant intact during every step of our cultivation and extraction process.  Because of this, our CBD oil knows exactly what to target in each individual.  

For example, if a person suffers from insomnia and arthritis, the insomnia may resolve first, followed by the arthritis, or vice versa.  The cessation of a symptom the person hadn’t realized or taken into account might even occur like decreased cravings for non-compatible foods, or less of an attraction to self-destructive behavior.

Here’s a recommendation that’s both fun and insightful – Before taking The Code CBD oil, write down everything you can think of that you would like to either shift or change about yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.  More than likely, some changes will occur immediately.  Others might happen more subtly, and/or even months later.  Check your list after 3 weeks and see what you can cross off.  You can add more issues if you like at this point, then rinse, repeat and continue to marvel at your success.

When I first used The Code CBD oil 18 months ago, I did think, ‘Silver Bullet!’ because my insomnia of 20 years instantly vanished.  Since that time, the bullet has ricocheted magnificently throughout my being, changing me in ways I wasn’t even aware needed changing.