Patience …

Patience may be a virtue, but it is not something I’ve ever valued.  Well past my prime, and I still can’t figure out why everything takes so long.  But it does.  What I’ve learned is that one can either align with this time taking thing and glean from it, or else freak out.

The latter, I know much about.  This no thought, well-performed function has won me many a battle for well over a half life.  Or so it seemed. 

Several months into taking The Code CBD oil, I unwittingly started operating from a different neural pathway.  How do I know this? Well, I’ve been living inside my head for like I said, over a half life. One could argue semantics, but the true focal point is the actual experience. Which in my case has been the effortless change in my thoughts and actions, realizing and embracing the value of peace over constant war and/or the expectation thereof and not fearing the outcome regardless of the present situation.

And my personal favorite – not freaking out over how long everything is taking.

I’m finally able to recognize every pit stop, faux pas and other agonizingly ill-balanced situation as something I need to heal about myself.  As something that is happening for me and not to annoy and further allay me.

These ideas are not the genius of my own making.  As a matter of fact, when hearing such rhetoric in the past, I typically wanted to barf.  I don’t think my current and somewhat sudden ability to embrace this ideology is something that came with time or age, but rather attribute it to healing the war wounds in my brain which I consider a direct result of taking The Code CBD oil.

And this is only one of the reasons I never want to be without it.



Like everyone else, I fell instantly in love upon meeting my sister’s new and absurdly cute puppy.

Ten years later, she was killed in a car wreck and I inherited him. 

For the next six years, he was the glue that kept me together so that I could slowly digest the loss of my sister.  He was there for me in ways I didn’t even realize until he was gone. 

When that day came, I felt myself fragment in ways unimaginable.  I still don’t have vocabulary for it.  However, I suddenly understood why people got sent to asylums, or else checked in voluntarily.

The next day, I went for a massage, however, the practitioner recommended an acupuncture treatment instead.  I would have agreed to a session in the electric chair, so of course, I said yes.

About 30 minutes into the session, I felt myself lift from the depths of hell.  I was literally, suddenly and authentically OK.  By the time I made it home, I realized that my grief had shifted into gratitude.  I was able to accept the sadistic brevity of pet life, and just be grateful for the time I’d had with Skippy. 

I’ve since lost three cats, and had a grief healing after each death.  The sessions were with different practitioners, so all were unique, but equally as healing.  I highly recommend this modality for anyone who is dealing with grief because as most have ascertained, time does not heal all wounds.  It leaves cracks and holes and all kinds of horrible scarring. 

A grief healing is no misnomer.  It heals. 

More recently, I lost a human friend.  He wasn’t a close friend, but rather a NY icon I was lucky enough to have met, spend some time with, have a few laughs and check in with now and then.  At the time of his passing, he was 80 years old, had cancer and though we kept in touch, I hadn’t seen him in several years.

And yet, there was that feeling.  How do you even describe it?  It’s like your insides get scooped out and you suddenly forget how to breathe.  It’s so overwhelmingly, inescapably awful all you can do is wonder if it will ever go away.  Will it?  If you sit down and cry, will you ever get up?  How could losing such a distant person feel so life threatening?

This time around, I didn’t have access to an acupuncturist.  I didn’t even have the luxury of stopping to cry, or otherwise be with my feelings. 

Desperate for relief, I took a couple of drops of The Code CBD oil.  It’s called micro dosing – taking a minute amount which paradoxically produces an even more powerful affect.

Within minutes, I felt fine.  I knew my friend was no longer with me on this Earthwalk, but I was OK with it.  I felt sad when I saw postings of him on Facebook, but I didn’t feel like my lungs and intestines were going to collapse and disappear.

Grief is unique.  I can’t guarantee that either of these recommendations will work for everyone.  I do, however, strongly recommend both. 

If you are dealing with grief, past or present, I wish for you great peace and heart healing.

Oy. Insomnia…

One of my first jobs in NYC was working in commercial and TV production.  The hours were brutal and for most, sleep was scarce.  I, however, had the uncanny ability to hit the pillow and tell myself what time to wake up. It worked like a charm, and I remained blissfully ignorant to the reality of all this insomnia chatter that dominated most conversations on set.

Then came my next chapter:  The Corporation.  Suddenly, my life became an endless loop of the same routine 5 days a week.  In a row.  I felt at once controlled and out of control and something in my psyche broke.  I quickly learned the reality of all this insomnia chatter.

The corporate job finally ended after 2 years.  The insomnia, however,  persisted for the next 2 decades.  During this time, I found herbal and/or homeopathic cocktails that temporarily quelled the sleepless nights, but they always returned.

Then I discovered The Code cbd oil. 

The heavenly passageway that instantly and for a solid 18 months, has taken me out of the depths and despair of this demonic, soul seizing plague.  As in, good thing I have a great alarm system because someone could easily break in, rearrange my furniture and throw me on a train.  To Spain.  During which, I’m sure I would sleep soundly until my arrival.

I may not be the best testimonial for this miraculous remedy as I’ve been a healthaholic for 3+ decades and weigh in under 130.  My friend, who tips the scales about 3x as much as I do, drinks regularly, couldn’t care less what he eats and has suffered from extreme sleep apnea including sleeping with weird electronic equipment does, however, make a compelling case.  As a matter of fact, after taking only 30mg of The Code, he called me the next morning.

“Give me everything you’ve got!”, he exclaimed.

He had slept through the night for the first time in years.  Eighteen months later, he’s still experiencing restful sleep, and has had far fewer health issues than in previous years. 

Me too.  Which is why I love The Code and love that I am able to share what I know to be the best friend an insomniac could ever hope for.

The Difference…

I love to meditate.  It hasn’t always been this way.  This sitting still and turning inward used to feel like I was just marking time with my mala while reciting chants in the desperate hope of raising my vibration.  Which in turn, was supposed to waylay my hellish fears, and allow me to manifest a better life path.  Preferably one that was comfortable enough to navigate.

The difference between now and then is that now, I am able to ‘get there’.  To that place beyond this sensory world defined by the quagmire of stress and anxiety we’ve learned to embrace as normal.  It’s the difference between connecting with the highest octaves of life and feeling like I want to jump out of my skin. The difference is extraordinary. And highly recommended.

What has made this difference? 

Unquestionably, The Code CBD oil.

If your code isn’t working, maybe it’s time you tried ours.

CBD Oil…Technological Rescue.

There are lots of things I don’t like and/or find distasteful.  However, nothing compares to my disdain for our current technology.  What I need – to get from NY to LA in under an hour.  What I get – a journey further and further into multiple virtual worlds that although I have little interest, their machinations have somehow become necessities.

One of the many things I love about The Code cannabinoid rich CBD oil is how it keeps me from throwing my computer and other black screens out the window;  How I may feel a twinge of frustration, but the need to yell, or otherwise react is absent. 

How is your coding working for you?

Happy Man Day

Last year,  I sent The Code CBD oil to a health conscious friend of mine. He had never been a fan of taking supplements, but decided he would try it.  The next morning, he called me.

“I feel 20 years younger!”, he exclaimed. “Thirty below the waist!”.

I’ve since heard similar stories, but ’nuff said. You get the point. 


For that special man in your life.

And may you both have happy awakenings from this day forward.

The Neural Pathway Less Traveled…

Can stuck energy co-exist with our highest octaves of expression?


Always a good thing, not always so easy to do. 

Earlier today, I fell into a texting match with a friend who refused to budge on her memory of an earlier event.  My recollection was entirely different, and I unconsciously slipped into my ‘safe space’ of self-righteousness.

Before heading out for my walk, I decided to put a few drops of The Code CBD oil in my bullet proof coffee. I’d heard this to be a powerful combination, but to me it sounded contradictory.  Coffee – stimulating, CBD oil – relaxing.

Cloud 9 never felt so good. I felt at once energized and relaxed, happy and optimistic. 

When I was almost at my destination, I realized that my friend was right about that issue she kept repeating and I kept refuting.  It was as though a veil had dropped in my mind, and I was able to remember the circumstance as it actually occurred, not as I had felt the need to remember it.

Acknowledging this truth felt enlightening, and letting go of my need to be correct was effortless. Like a neural pathway less traveled in my brain had opened up and allowed me access.

The Code CBD oil.  Letting go made easy.

Silver Bullets

Unfortunately, silver bullets don’t exist where health is concerned. 

Steve Malone Photography

Which is to say that more than likely, there’s not just one thing to take, or do that will comprehensively change your health picture.  Even cannabinoid rich hemp oil is unable to make this claim.  However, we do consider The Code CBD oil to be the best ricochet bullet to enter the alternative health world in a very long time.  


We leave the codes inherent to the cannabis plant intact during every step of our cultivation and extraction process.  Because of this, our CBD oil knows exactly what to target in each individual.  

For example, if a person suffers from insomnia and arthritis, the insomnia may resolve first, followed by the arthritis, or vice versa.  The cessation of a symptom the person hadn’t realized or taken into account might even occur like decreased cravings for non-compatible foods, or less of an attraction to self-destructive behavior.

Here’s a recommendation that’s both fun and insightful – Before taking The Code CBD oil, write down everything you can think of that you would like to either shift or change about yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.  More than likely, some changes will occur immediately.  Others might happen more subtly, and/or even months later.  Check your list after 3 weeks and see what you can cross off.  You can add more issues if you like at this point, then rinse, repeat and continue to marvel at your success.

When I first used The Code CBD oil 18 months ago, I did think, ‘Silver Bullet!’ because my insomnia of 20 years instantly vanished.  Since that time, the bullet has ricocheted magnificently throughout my being, changing me in ways I wasn’t even aware needed changing.